Providing the Foundation for Successful Meetings



Did you wonder if you got the best possible deal when you booked your last hotel?  

Knowing that you have all the information you need to make great choices will make you confident that you are making the best possible decisions for your organization.   

If you find yourself thinking about how much better your meetings could be if you had more time, consider outsourcing your site selection.  Would adding a meetings professional to your team make you more successful? 


Would having a highly experienced assistant updating your RFP, keeping track of your meeting history, researching destinations and hotels, arranging site inspections, assisting with negotiations and reviewing your contract, all at no cost to you, make your job easier? 


We book approximately 65-75 meetings a year so we are familiar with the contract language of most hotels and many convention centers. To stay up to date on contract issues, we attend conferences and meetings that include discussions of contract negotiations, negotiations in general and meeting planning, keeping us up current on hospitality issues and trends. Two of our clients are small associations run by attorneys who trust us to do their hotel contracts.


Outsourcing the meeting site selection to Corrigan Associates will give you more time for all the planning details you have to manage. Having the right hotel, location, service and contract is the foundation of every successful meeting.  


Please contact us to discuss your needs and see if our services can bring you the peace of mind our clients enjoy.